The flaws in utilitarian medicine

Robert MaloneA man walks into his doctor’s office for a health checkup. After completion of the exam, he asks “Doc, how am I doing?”. His utilitarian MD-MPH turns and says “you are in perfect health. Your heart is perfect, your liver is perfect, and your kidneys are perfect. And I have four other patients that will die in the next week if they do not get transplants requiring a donated heart, liver or kidney. So I will be prepping you for surgery in one hour.”

Utilitarian philosophy is the core flaw in many utopian philosophies, and also in the COVID tyranny albeit expressed slightly differently. The idea that the man in the example above will mutely accept the end of his life to somewhat better the lives of four others is insane. Of course that man will fight, to the death, to keep his own organs, his own property, his own life, and in the process, quite likely make life worse for the doctor and anyone else the proposed patient can reach. Individual humans are simply not compatible with that idea, and we ignore it at our peril.

And yet the people who claim to rule us imagine that they can push us around forever without an eventual violent response.

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