Michael TracyFew figures on the punditry scene are more adept at getting themselves into comical face-plant scenarios than McFaul — or more useful at highlighting unexamined contradictions of the yammering liberal commentariat. In this instance, McFaul demonstrates why he and likeminded commentators are so steadfastly determined to compartmentalize their positions on foreign policy versus domestic policy. Because it would apparently never even occur to McFaul that there might be some tension between his passionate calls to aggressively curtail gun circulation in the US, and his similarly passionate calls to circulate a giant number of guns in Ukraine.

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This happens because the left, at least at the level of the talking head or column byline, has ceased to think or reason at all. This has been pretty obvious for some time; consider the inherent contradictions in the left's pro-abortion choice and anti-vaccine choice policies as another example, or the inability to tell men from women. The key is that thinking is not required; unquestioning distribution of the approved opinion is.

How that opinion actually gets to the approved status is an entirely political calculus that happens in back rooms filled with smoke, billionaires, and German accents.

Once it gets approved, though, everyone must toe the lie and heaven help the hindmost. Instead of rational arguments -- of whcih they are now incapable -- the foot soldiers of the left deploy fact-checkers, disinformation nannies, and twitter cancellation mobs. And these agents are surprisingly successful, forcing even a sitting president off of his chosen social media soapbox during his reelection campaign.

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