Vote NO on gun control

Gateway PunditSenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., signaled Wednesday that the chamber will not quickly vote on a pair of House-passed background checks bills, giving Democrats and Republicans time to negotiate a possible but improbable bipartisan deal to address a spate of horrific mass shootings that have rocked the nation in recent weeks.

Now would be a good time to tell your Senators to vote no on gun control. Schumer has backed off an immediate vote, but with the NRA effectively sidelined, we need to remind the people who represent us that we don't need the NRA to have a powerful voice. McConnell is already planning to betray us, possibly with red flag laws that do not respect due process rights. The problem with most mass murderers is not that they were able to get guns too easily; it's that the warning signs they exhibited were never used to actually put them on the prohibited persons list (or better yet, lock them up). In the case of the Uvale killer, multiple threats to rape women and commit school shootings near them went without any action despite being reported.

We need to begin stiffening the spines of our Senators to resist this push for gun control right away.

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