Court upholds right to inspect voting machines

Just The NewsThe Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania on Tuesday upheld the right of Pennsylvania counties to inspect electronic voting equipment, an authority granted to them by the state legislature.

The court sided with a brief filed by the Amistad Project on behalf of Fulton County, Pennsylvania, which conducted an inspection on two Dominion voting machines in an attempt to determine whether they had functioned correctly during the 2020 election.

The secretary of the Commonwealth then retroactively banned the practice – in addition to decertifying both of the machines. However, the secrertary failed to provide the county with state funding to replace the machines.

The ruling establishes as precedent that counties have the statutory authority to inspect electronic voting equipment to ensure safe and honest elections are taking place.

Upholding the right to do it is one thing; actually managing to do it before a mysterious update deletes the evidence is another. See also Fulton County, GA.

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