Oregon election shenanigans

Gateway PunditClean Voter Rolls made a public records request of Washington County elections, led by Elections Manager, Mickie Kawai. The county, just west of Portland, initially denied the request, but the district attorney overturned the denial and ordered the disclosure of the ballots.

Then the county sued the individual requestor, Tim Sippel, to stop the disclosure of the ballots. Soon the Secretary Of State’s office and Department Of Justice intervened on behalf of the county. Countless dollars are now being spent by government entities to stop the public from seeing the ballots. One man is now dealing with the full brunt of the state government coming after him.

Secretary of State Shemia Fagan sought a restraining order against Sippel to forbid him from sharing the data he already has. The order was granted and has been extended.

Why are they so desperate to stop the public seeing the ballots?

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