How a cover-up works..

The House Oversight Committee demands all the emails related to the targets of its investigation. The IRS promises to cooperate, but delivers only documents that match certain search terms chosen by the IRS:

Koskinen has previously said the agency would cooperate with the investigation, but until now the agency has limited the documents to those found using certain search terms, like "tea party," related to the investigation.

When pressed for all the emails, and threatened with contempt, the IRS promises again to hand them all over...

Following heated exchanges with House Republicans, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on Wednesday told a congressional committee that he will hand over all of the emails of Lois Lerner, the former IRS official under investigation for the agency's targeting of conservative groups.

... but says that turning them all over will take years:

But Koskinen also told frustrated Republicans that producing all the documents the committee wants will take "years," indicating that the matter is far from settled.

If it takes "years" that conveniently pushes the deadline for delivery past the next election, something Obama has shown a tendency to do in other areas (Obamacare).

Clue: It will only take years because the IRS insists on carefully examining each email by hand in order to stonewall the investigation. The appropriate response is to provide all of the emails to Congress immediately. Anything else is a cover-up.

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