Dominion Election system in TN incorrectly certified, may have been altered

Gateway PunditA recent election report from Tennessee was recently issued by the EAC that stated that an erroneous code was found on Dominion software that had been certified by the EAC.

How does system software get certified with erroneous code on it?

I suspect the people doing the certification are incompetent, uninterested, or both.

Note that the number of voters did not match the number of ballots scanned, so this may well have been manipulated. They are blaming a corrupted QR code that marks all following ballots as provisional. A QR code to do this would be easy for an insider to create and scan at whatever point they wanted, and no ballots past that point would be counted. And if those ballots end up in manual adjudication... that would match a lot of the excess adjudication reports we got. And the adjudicators can assign the ballot however they want to.

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