Powerline on Media Bias (for those who doubt it exists)

The Post publishes an inaccurate piece of left-wing propaganda aimed at smearing the Koch brothers and the Keystone XL pipeline. The Powerline blog publishes a piece exposing the inaccuracies. The exposure is so bad that the Post has to defend its piece -- and Powerline responds by using the defense to expose the bias that led to the original piece. It's a tour-de-force of media bias blogging, especially for those who deny such bias exists.

And for those who reflexively boo and hiss when the brothers are mentioned, look at the philanthropy they have engaged in. The left continually attacks them not because the Kochs are evil, or even particularly unusual; they are targeted in order to give them rank and file left someone to hate, and they are used as a threatening example of what will happen to anyone who dares donate to a libertarian or conservative political cause.

Why do you think the Democrats are so concerned with ensuring people and corporations cannot publish their opinions on political issues anonymously? They want to attack the donors behind the message, because they can't successfully attack the message itself.

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