Trump considering revoking clearances of some Obama officials

TwitterPress Sec. Sanders: "Not only is the president looking to take away Brennan's security clearance, he's also looking into the security clearances of Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, and McCabe...because they've politicized and in some cases monetized their public service."

With the exception of Hayden, whose name I don't recognize offhand, all of these people deserve to lose their clearances.

Comey: leaking to the press in an effort to impeach the president, lying to the president, being a weasel and doing weasel things.

Clapper: Involvement in the FISA abuse against the Trump campaign and administration, and leaking.

Brennan: Involvement in the FISA abuse against the Trump campaign and administration, and leaking. Plus voting for a communist party candidate.

Hayden: Unknown?

Rice: Unmasking and lying about it.

McCabe: Already fired for lying and leaking, participated in the FISA abuse, and his wife took political contributions from Clinton while he was running the investigation into her emails.

UPDATE: Hayden was a CIA director for Bush and has been outspokenly anti-Trump. I'm not sure if frothing at the mouth while calling the current president Hitler is outside the bounds people holding a security clearance, but this one still seems a little questionable to me. Given their involvement in abusing the intelligence agencies against Trump, however, the rest should lose their clearances immediately.

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