Gillibrand goes all-in for gun control and open borders

Daily Caller“So when we flip the House and flip the Senate, I think the first thing we should do is deal with the children who have been separated from their families at the border. I think we should get rid of ICE,” Gillibrand said at the New York City festival OZY Fest, where she shared a stage with left-wing actress Chelsea Handler.

The senator also said that Democrats should also move on “all” of the gun control issues within the first month of taking back Congress.

“I think we should pass the gun reform issues within the first month — all of them. Universal background checks, anti-trafficking, making sure people can’t buy bump stocks, large magazine clips, all that work,” she said.

I remember when she ran for the Senate seat in New York. She had been an upstate Congresswoman who was relatively pro-gun (for a Democrat), but it's now clear she was lying about her position on that.

Never let anyone tell you the Democrats don't want to take your guns.

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