Supreme Court denies cert on three gun rights cases

The SCOTUSBlog has details. Two of them are related to age limits for the 18-21 groups, one case for purchases and another for carry licenses. The third is a standing case related to interstate gun purchases.

Losing cert here isn't necessarily a big deal. The court can always take up a later case on the same topic. My hunch would be that the pro-gun and anti-gun factions are both nervous as to which way the swing vote on the court will go in borderline cases, and would rather not take cases that might do damage in either direction. It's also difficult to argue for gun rights beginning at age 18 when alcohol rights do not begin until age 21 -- sure, there are arguments that can be made and make a lot of sense, but they are the sort of technical and sophisticated arguments that often fail when opposed by an argument that is easy to make, simple to understand, and still completely wrong.

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