More details from the Wisconsin election integrity report

EmeraldThe OSC learned that all machines in Green Bay were ESS machines and were connected to a secret, hidden Wi-Fi access point at the Grand Hyatt hotel, which was the location used by the City of Green Bay on the day of the 2020 Presidential election. The OSC discovered the Wi-Fi, machines, and ballots were controlled by a single individual who was not a government employee but an agent of a special interest group operating in Wisconsin.

How on earth did that happen?

EmeraldOne of the functions of Mr. Spitzer Rubenstein’s service as “on-site contact” was to coordinate with the contractor staff at the Hyatt Regency and KI Convention Center to set up wireless networks for Election Day operations. At Mr. Spitzer Rubenstein’s instruction, there were three WiFi networks available. One was the general conference facility public network that would be available to members of the press and others. That network was password-protected, but the password was widely available. A second password-protected WiFi network was created for Central Count staff. Mr. Spitzer Rubenstein also directed that a third WiFi network be established, but that network was to be hidden and it was not to be password-protected. Spitzer Rubenstein also ensured that “both networks reach[ed] [his] hotel room on the 8th floor” (App. 262-266).

A little tech note here: that "invisible" wifi network that was set up without a password? It's not actually invisible; normal devices don't show them but special tools can easily scan for them. And the lack of a password on that supposedly hidden network means anyone could scan for it and use it. Not JUST Rubenstein, not just anyone he happened to tell the network name, but literally anyone at all.

What else was using that hidden network, aside from Rubenstein himself? Given that we know the purpose of the first two password-protected networks, I can only assume the hidden, unprotected network was used for the voting machines themselves.

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