Gun registration legislation in Oregon

David Codrea at the Examiner quoting from an alert (the alert itself appears to be down due to traffic volume):
"So let's review," the alert continued. "Floyd Prozanski's background check bill requires that when you give a gun to your best friend, or your cousin, or your uncle, that the State Police record the recipient's name, address, sex, (and social security number if they choose to give it) and the make, model, caliber and serial number of the gun!

After registration comes confiscation, as we have seen in New York quite recently. The only use for a registration system is confiscation; there is no way to use it to prevent crime. In fact, it creates new crime: having a gun that isn't registered to you, or not having a gun that is. It's already illegal for a criminal to have a gun, so they don't care whether it is registered to them or not. Laws like this will be applied only against honest gun owners who didn't think they needed to keep a record of who they sold their personal property to -- or, as happened recently in Maryland, by police who want to harass gun owners.

Hat tip to Alphecca for the story.

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