Sort of missing the point...

In the past, we had universities that taught men vital skills that enabled people to contribute to the larger society, and we had finishing schools that taught women to marry well and manage their households -- contributing to a smaller, but no less important, society. Then, we had feminism, where everyone was supposed to get a job without any gender bias and be equal in the home and the workplace. Now, it seems we are back to finishing schools for women, except I don't see how a degree in "the politics and culture of food" can possibly help a woman to run a household. A kitchen, maybe -- though a degree in the politics and culture of food makes me question whether any actual cooking is involved.

I was briefly puzzled at what would motivate someone to write an article defending her daughter's decision to get an admittedly useless degree. Then I checked the bottom of the article for the "about the author" section:
Randye Hoder writes about the intersection of family, politics and culture with a focus on Gen Y and Z. The views expressed are solely her own.

It seems that Time is willing to pay her to do something very similar to what her daughter will end up doing: writing about nothing in particular.

I wonder how her daughter feels about her mother describing the college degree she spent four years acquiring as useless? My facility at critical thinking may not be as highly developed as that of a humanities student with a four-year degree in the politics of food (my degree is in STEM, after all), but I don't need a degree in interpersonal relations to predict that the author's relationship with her family will not be improved by this article. And I've got a hunch the author's walls are transparent.

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