Warning signs...

Cops in Maryland pull over a Florida resident with a concealed carry license. They ask where his gun is. They don't seem to have any other reason for the stop, and they hold him for hours trying to find it. They don't want to believe that he knew his Florida CCW was not valid in Maryland and left the gun at home.

So how did they know he was a gun owner?

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a database of people with a carry license for police officers to use during traffic stops. But that begs the question of why he was stopped. It's one thing to stop someone for speeding, quite another to pull them over because they are from another state and are licensed to carry a firearm in that state. Exercising your Second Amendment rights should never be a valid reason for a police stop, but it appears on first glance that that was the reason for this stop.

If so, it also suggests Maryland police routinely run the license plates of out of state vehicles without suspicion of a crime, another constitutional issue.

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