Failure to comprehend

The writers over at Legal Insurrection pulled out this portion of Obama's speech on the NSA:

First, everyone who has looked at these problems, including skeptics of existing programs, recognizes that we have real enemies and threats, and that intelligence serves a vital role in confronting them. We cannot prevent terrorist attacks or cyber-threats without some capability to penetrate digital communications -- whether it's to unravel a terrorist plot; to intercept malware that targets a stock exchange; to make sure air traffic control systems are not compromised; or to ensure that hackers do not empty your bank accounts.

Your bank accounts, air traffic control systems, and stock exchanges are protected by standardized encryption software which the NSA has gone to significant effort to weaken and compromise. Events have already proven that the NSA cannot stop terrorist attacks even when they have the information to do so. If they can't stop people hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings, they certainly cannot stop a hacker from emptying your bank account.

Strong, uncompromised encryption can.

In order to be secure, we must be able to keep secrets.

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