In 2013, the FBI performed 21,093,273 NICS checks. That is the most checks ever recorded, an 8% increase over 2012, which was itself a record year. Each of those checks represents a significant firearm-related activity; it represents purchasing a firearm, or several firearms, from a licensed firearms dealer. It is not the total number of firearms sold during a given year; it does not include private sales in states which do not require background checks for such sales. In some states, possessing a valid concealed-carry license allows for purchasing a firearm without the NICS check (because obtaining the license itself requires the check).

That's over 21 million people who have, in the space of a single year, spent a minimum of about $200 to acquire a firearm. Most of them spent $500 or more.
Those buying higher-end rifles might well have spent several thousand. Many of them already owned firearms, but many did not -- or sold a firearm privately to buy the new one.

21 million people in one year. That adds up to a lot of money, and it doesn't count ammunition, accessories, and so on. The economic force of gun owners is significant. But more illustrative than that is the comparison.

Bloomberg has his millions of personal dollars. But he can't buy votes. 21 million people voted with their wallets to reject gun control in 2013.

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