National Security Agency admits spying on Congress

The NSA has admitted to spying on Congress:
The NSA's refusal to answer Sanders' question directly is a tacit admission, because we are all well aware that the NSA collects identifying data on and the content of virtually every email, text message and phone call sent or received in the U.S. In fact, just last week, the secret FISA court renewed the order authorizing massive records collection for the 36th time. If members of Congress are treated no differently than the American public, then the NSA is keeping tabs on every email, text and phone call members of Congress send and receive, too.

In other words, they are collecting just as much data on Congress as they are on the rest of the country. Of course, a member of Congress is a lot more likely to attract individualized attention than an ordinary American, which means in practice they have everything and are much more likely to actually look at it.

Normally, I'd applaud that; members of Congress should not have special rights. In this case, however, it really does make me wonder how much of the Congressional compliance with -- or lack of effective resistance against -- Obama's agenda is based on fear of blackmail.

I always figured Petraeus's ouster was somehow related to that; he didn't want to do something Obama demanded, and suddenly his affair, conducted through email, was national news.

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