Obama unilaterally delays individual mandate; RINOs claim victory; but...

Jennifer Rubin is taking a victory lap after Obama's decision to delay the individual mandate and allow for people with canceled plans to buy catastrophic coverage. She has some good points about problems with doing things this way, but the real problem isn't in the details. It's that the Republican leadership is talking about delay rather than repeal:
Likewise, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor dashed out a statement: "Our entire health care system can't be fundamentally changed at any given time subject to the random impulses of President Obama. How can anyone make health care decisions today knowing that the law may be unilaterally changed again tomorrow?" Indeed, the move is likely to impede further sign-ups in the exchanges, exactly the opposite of what the administration recognized was essential to the plan's success. Cantor reminded voters, "Republicans have consistently asked for a one year delay of the mandates for all Americans, and put forward a proposal to allow American families to keep their health plans. The White House actions clearly prove ObamaCare can't work as designed. It's time for ObamaCare to be delayed for all."

Delaying the individual mandate until they get their website working and smooth out the bugs will only result in a functioning website that still destroys private health care in the US. It's better to have a delay than have the current disaster continue, but the goal needs to be repeal, not a fully functional death star government health care takeover.

Delay is not victory, it's only a stay on the execution.

Repeal is victory.

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