SAF files writ of mandamus in Palmer v DC

Palmer was one of the plaintiffs in the original Heller case, though he didn't make it to the Supreme Court. Now, he's suing for the right to have his firearm with him outside the home. Since Illinois did finally pass a concealed carry law, that makes DC the only jurisdiction that has no legal way to carry a concealed firearm for ordinary citizens (police officers and security guards can).

The DC court has been ignoring his lawsuit, which is ready for a decision, since 2009, and now the Second Amendment Foundation is filing with the appeals court for a writ of mandamus ordering the lower court to decide the case.

As Sebastian notes, this case involves a complete prohibition on carrying firearms -- the only one left in the country. It's not unreasonable to suspect the Supreme Court would like to take the next logical step and rule that completely prohibiting carry of firearms is unacceptable before getting into the weeds on what the standard for licensing should be.

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