Magazine confiscation in San Francisco

You know the best part about this stupid new law, though?

It's already illegal in California to buy, sell or carry high-capacity [standard capacity] magazines under a law that took effect in 2000. But that ban does not apply to magazines bought before the law went into effect.

Anyone in possession of a high-capacity [standard capacity] magazine now has 90 days to surrender it to police or be guilty of a misdemeanor, though the law does not apply to members of the military or law enforcement. There are also exceptions for museums and ammo magazines "used as props" in television or movies, under legislation authored by Supervisor Malia Cohen.

They forgot to register the magazines first. Confiscation is not very effective when you don't have a list. Although, if they are serious and not just doing this for show, they will probably visit their list of gun owners just to check.

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