Computer Security Fail

It seems that someone working on the Obamacare website forgot to password-protect their database. features a tool to search through health insurance providers in your area to see how much Obamacare can save you. The catch? The catch is, those prices are all AFTER maximum subsidies are calculated into the price by the website.

Want to see what the prices are without subsidies? Well someone forgot to password the database the prices are fetched from. If you want to see it in all its glory head on over to and see it for yourself.

We're supposed to trust these clowns with social security numbers and private medical information? I mean, seriously -- I can sympathize with load problems and last minute bugs and rough launches and interoperability issues, although at some point the excuses run out and you just have to admit that the people in charge of fitting all the separate pieces together are completely incompetent.

But forgetting to password protect your database and leaving it accessible to the public? Seriously?
The same lack of thought which exposed the prices of Obamacare plans without subsidies now also exposes the names, business addresses and business phone numbers of all Healthcare navigators nationwide.

If they don't care about the personal information of the people who are supposed to help sign people up for coverage, how much do you think they care about the information of a person like you they will likely never have any contact with?

I have no words. Really, I don't.

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