Biden's vulnerability to Durham

Just The NewsSpecial Counsel John Durham's investigation isn't just imposing accountability for Hillary Clinton's 2016 political trick to dirty up Donald Trump with the FBI; it's also encroaching on the credibility of President Biden's current chief foreign policy adviser and point man for the current Russia-Ukraine crisis.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan was a senior adviser to Clinton's 2016 campaign and, by his own admission, spread the word to reporters back then that Democrats believed Trump was colluding with Vladimir Putin to hijack the election and had a secret computer channel to the Kremlin. Neither proved true.

But long before that Russia collusion narrative crumbled like a stale Starbucks muffin, Sullivan gave sworn testimony to the House Intelligence Committee disputing that anything the Clinton campaign spread around Washington was misinformation.

Remember, Biden's administration is filled with people from both the Obama administration and some with ties to the Clintons who were involved in Spygate. It's not just a Clinton plot, though for the moment Durham seems to be pursuing that angle. Biden himself, as VP, was in at least some of the high level meetings where this was discussed.

If Durham is an honest man, neither Hillary, Obama, nor Biden himself are safe. Even Democrats are starting to think Durham should investigate Hillary. (He probably is already).

Whether Durham is actually honest remains an open question; but it does appear, for the moment, that he's taking this seriously.

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