California Governor vetoes semi-auto ban

In a surprise victory for gun rights, Democratic governor of California Jerry Brown has vetoed the semi-auto ban passed by his legislature along with 7 other new gun control laws. He signed 11 of them, so let's not pretend this was anything more than a mixed bag overall, but it's a heck of a lot better than simply signing everything that landed on his desk, and from a California Democrat is even more surprising. I can't imagine that this would have even been possible if not for the Colorado recall successes, which have doubtless reminded many politicians that they still have to answer to voters occasionally. I also have to wonder if Brown has national political aspirations -- a middle-ground-ish position could go a ways towards keeping the issue out of play.

Gun owners are not likely to be fooled by the attempt, though. A number of the gun control bills he signed are quite bad enough even without the semi-auto ban. Notably bad are the prohibition on parts repair kits, the registration requirements for ammunition purchases and extending the safety certificate requirement from handguns to rifles and shotguns. The latter in particular amounts to gun owner registration.

Sebastian questions whether we should thank him for the veto. He wasn't doing us a favor, he was keeping his state out of an expensive lawsuit.

Here's the tally list:


  • AB48: ban on "assault weapon parts", ammunition registry

  • SB683: Rifle, shotgun purchasers must pass a safety test and obtain a certificate (effectively, registration); already required for handguns

  • AB500: DoJ can take its own sweet time finishing your background check

  • AB170: Bans corporate entities from obtaining assault weapon permits.

  • AB1131: Extend firearms prohibition for "threats of violence" from 5 months to 6 years. This likely refers to restraining orders, which are often issued in divorce and similar cases as a formality without actual demonstrated threat of violence.

  • SB127: Therapists required to disclose threats of violence

  • SB374: Banned semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines

  • SB755: Alcohol offenses trigger a 10 year firearms prohibition

  • AB180: City of Oakland licensing and registration requirements

  • SB375: Banned gun shows

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