On human rights

Writer In BlackIf the only rights you have are those granted by government than no government can ever be said to violate “human rights.” The rights, after all, are what the government says they are, neither more nor less. The UN Human Rights Council is meaningless. (Well, I agree it is, but not because rights are only what governments say they are, but because of the UN’s penchant for putting representatives there whose positions are anathema to the very idea of human rights.) All the “sanctions” against various nations for violating human rights? In error because how can a government that gets to decide what rights one does or does not have possibly violate rights. If it kills you, has it not simply decided you don’t have a right to life? If it imprisons you, has it not simply decided you do not have a right to liberty? If it impoverishes you, has it not simply decided you do not have a right to property? And so on.

Rights are meaningless unless they constrain government actions.

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