Politicized death panels in Obamacare

Sarah Palin was ridiculed for saying that Obamacare would bring us panels of "experts" deciding who should get what medical care. She was right, of course: Obamacare does, inevitably, include a mechanism for determining what medical care will be provided to individuals who need it. If Granny needs a hip replacement, she will get one only if the Obamacare rules say that she should. If she doesn't like their decisions, she doesn't really have any other options -- other insurance companies have to follow the same rules.

It turns out, though, that some people think that's not enough. They want to politicize health care... if you've been critical of the Obama administration in general and Obamacare in specific, they think doctors should let you die.

And doctors are already considering this: many of them are choosing to retire rather than practice under Obamacare.

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