School field trip re-enacts slavery with 12-year-old children

This is monstrous:
From the bountiful annals of public-school stupidity comes this mind-blowing allegation: a Hartford, Conn. magnet school sent a 12-year-old black girl and her classmates on a field trip where the instructors held a slavery reenactment, chased the kids through the woods and repetitively called them the n-word.

There can be no excuse for this. Oh, I know what they will say: "It was an exercise! It wasn't real! It was supposed to teach sympathy!" But it's bullshit. You explain what happened to children, you don't make them participate in your playacted fantasies. And you certainly don't persist in those playacted fantasies when no one has actually had those experiences (the slave-ship-from-Africa part, or the underground railroad part) for over a century. You don't inflict trauma like this on children -- even a mild, watered-down form of trauma -- unless you want them to grow up with a painful psychological wound that primes them to be hypersensitive and ruled by their emotions on the issue.

Which sounds exactly like a modern Democrat, so I guess that's why they are doing it.

Rational people understand that slavery was a horrible thing that was neither unique to America nor uniquely awful in America. We fought a war to end it, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives. We struggled with the civil rights implications for another century. Today, we are still struggling with how to share our country as equal citizens under the rule of law -- a struggle which is kept alive not by racists in white sheets or slaveowners with whips, but the perpetually aggrieved.

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