California government requires disclosure of bloggers paid to blog about politics

I get the feeling that they really think there are a lot of conservative and libertarian bloggers who are doing it for the wheelbarrows full of cash from the gun lobby right-wing foundations and the Koch brothers. That's why they passed new rules requiring people who pay bloggers to blog to admit to paying bloggers to blog. Nevermind that the First Amendment protects anonymous speech.

Well, I can help clear that one up, even if I don't live in California. And I'll even do it voluntarily.

Nobody pays me to blog.

Except my readers, of course, if they click through one of my links to Amazon, which I set up mainly for one of my other sites.

Mind you, given the relative levels of astroturf on both sides of the political divide, and which side dominates the political game in California, I have to think this is going to backfire.

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