Why gun owners oppose registration

There are lots of good reasons to oppose registration, but the one that makes it a bright red line issue (with apologies to our bright red line president: when we say don't cross this red line we mean it) is that creating a gun registry is the first step in schemes to get rid of guns completely. Once you have a gun registry with a list of all guns and who owns them, you can:

  1. Close the registry to new registrations, or only to registrations you like

  2. Harass the people on the list with regulations and inspections

  3. Ban transfers of firearms, except to government agents

  4. Confiscate firearms from anyone who dies or makes a regulatory mistake

Gun owners know that allowing a registry is the first step to gun confiscation in small, easy steps. We know it because the enemy has admitted that that is exactly what they plan to do. We know it because that is exactly how they implemented gun bans on Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC.

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