Chicago gun registration over

It's worth noting that, as in DC, Chicago's registration system was pretty much a ban in name only.
With 295 recorded homicides in Chicago so far this year, many police officers rely on the registry’s information to understand the movements of guns throughout the city. The online registry contains more than 8,000 gun owners and about 22,000 firearms. Adam Collins, a spokesperson for the Police Department said officers would continue to use a online database of permit holders maintained by Illinois State Police.

You know, it's almost amusing to watch the forces of gun control desperately trying to justify their draconian laws. The police were using the registration system, which contains the few legal firearms owned by Chicago residents, to try to "understand the movements of guns throughout the city"? Maybe they were, but linking that to the murder rate is absurd. If they were doing any sort of data analysis, it wasn't anything to do with crime.

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