Report on Dominion voting machines vulnerability to hackers

Just The NewsA federal judge is considering whether to release a sealed report by a computer security expert who reviewed Dominion Voting Systems equipment after Georgia’s top election official and its governor urged action.

The report was conducted by University of Michigan computer security expert J. Alex Halderman and was filed last summer under seal in a federal court case that alleges hackers had “the capability” and “easy access” to voting machines in Georgia, according to the Epoch Times.

Little has been released in public about the report though the Atlanta Constitution-Journal has reported it found hackers could change votes if they penetrated the machines.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a defendant in the lawsuit, announced last week he now supports the public release of the report to dispel “misleading media articles about the Dominion voting equipment used in Georgia.”

Raffensperger is desperately trying to get on the right side of this issue, because he started off on the wrong one, and quite possibly complicit in covering it up. Nevertheless, the report should be released, because if it's not released, what's the point of having a report?

If it says the voting machines are secure, let's see if and evaluate whether that's accurate. If it says they can be hacked, we'll evaluate that. (Odds are they CAN be; the real question is whether they actually were).

But, regardless of the outcome, audits of the security of our election systems should be public knowledge.

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