Legislation to trim the National Security Agency's spying activity

It's one thing for the NSA to listen to communications to and from, well, basically everyone. It's another thing for them to actively interfere with the development of cryptography software that makes their job harder. When you think about it, this really does come down to the fundamental right of privacy: do people, Americans in particular, have the right to keep any of their writings and communications secret, or must the government have the ability to access absolutely everything ever written down or sent over the internet?

There's legislation out there to draw this line now, by blocking the NSA from crippling encryption software. It also asks for total repeat of the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, which I don't have a problem with considering the abuses but which probably make it a long shot to actually pass.

There's another piece of legislation in the works, supported by both Senator Leahy and Representative Goodlatte, that probably has a better chance.

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