NRA files amicus brief in ACLU's NSA lawsuit

The National Rifle Association argues that the NSA could use it's general-purpose telephone and internet surveillance programs to create a registry of firearms and firearm owners. It's technically accurate -- you could use the NSA's database to do that, and specific possible abuses should be pointed out -- but it feels sort of like complaining about a broken toe after getting a piano dropped on your head. Yeah, the toe is probably broken, but so is a lot of other stuff.

What may be more important is that the NRA's involvement could lead to shifting from the hypothetical ("They could use this to build a database of gun owners") to the concrete ("They DID use this to build a database of gun owners"). The latter would have huge implications and specifically violate federal law, but we don't know if they took that step yet. Under this president, I would not put it past them.

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