Gun control rally draws 15 people

Speaking to a sparse crowd — perhaps 15 local supporters — Heslin said one of the simplest things that could be done “to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands” is for Congress to pass legislation that would expand background checks for all firearm transactions, including private sales.

There are 15 people in front of a HUGE, professionally-printed poster.

Question: How did 15 people pay for that poster?

Answer: They didn't. Bloomberg did (I presume, anyway).

I can find more gun owners in the parking lot of my local shooting range every weekend. Probably on most weekdays, too -- and I know of at least three ranges within reasonable driving distance. Only 8 of them made it to this protest, which shouldn't surprise anyone since they have been trying to keep these things secret.

And no wonder -- even their supporters at their rallies have doubts. Contact with knowledgeable, polite gun owners could be devastating:

“It’s a hard question to answer,” he said. “Jamie’s shooter bought his gun illegally in a 7-Eleven parking lot out of the trunk of somebody’s car.”

A background check law won't stop that.

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