Joy Reid thinks access to guns killed Christopher Lane

Are they really this ignorant, or is it deliberate propaganda?

Reid argued that it’s not “race, poverty, gangs, or even video games and movies” that tie these shooting [sic; she refers to Trayvon, Aurora, Newtown] together. It’s access to guns. “These are obviously two very different stories on many levels,” she said. “The location is different, the race of the suspects is different, the types of guns used. But can we get away from the fact that the common denominator are young people with access to guns?"

Zimmerman was not a "young people with access to guns" problem. He was close to 30 years old, legally owned and carried his firearm, and used it in lawful self-defense. Trayvon, however, did have access to guns (as demonstrated by pictures on his cell phone) despite being too young (17) to legally buy a gun.

The murderer in Aurora was crazy, was being treated, and his doctor tried to warn the police about him but was ignored.

The murderer in Newtown killed his mother to gain access to her guns.

They did not have legal access to guns. Criminals will always be able to steal guns, or buy them on the black market -- even if only the military and police can legally possess firearms.

The Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page tackled this question first, saying it’s only gotten easier in recent years for young people of all races to get their hands on guns. “Obviously the insanity involved in these two cases shows that background checks and tougher access are what we need,” he said.

Background Checks will not solve anything. Trayvon did not pass a background check to get the guns he was pictured holding. James Holmes, the Aurora murderer, would not have passed the existing background check system if this police had listened to his psychiatrist. The Newtown killer did not buy the guns he used himself; there are no background checks on killing your mother and stealing her guns. And as for the three people suspected of killing Chris Lane:
Three Oklahoma teenagers, aged 15, 16 and 17, have been arrested and face the death penalty for the random killing of 22-year-old Chris Lane, an Australian attending East Central University on a baseball scholarship.

None of them could legally buy the handgun they used in the murder, because they are too young, probably gang members, and likely have criminal records already.

Shooting victim and Salon writer Brian Beutler agreed, explaining why he prefers stricter gun laws to police tactics like stop-and-frisk that he said unfairly targets innocent people. “It would be nice to at least not regard these shootings primarily at least by the race of the gunman,” he said, “because then you get into the situation where some people are trying to tally up, you know, the number of shootings perpetrated by black youth versus white youth. That just doesn’t feel like a very healthy way for society to be pitting individuals against each other.”

Yes, it would be nice if we could have an open, honest discussion about crime in this country untainted by false racial narratives.

It's like the Zimmerman trial only exists sometimes. It's fine to talk about race when the [false] narrative is white on black racism. When the question is possible black on white racism, we can't talk about it.

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