IRS denied tax-exempt status to liberal groups... but was still targeting the Tea Party

or at least that's what Democrats are screaming about... but did it delay the decision for years across at least two elections? Did it leave them in limbo unable to act? did it interrogate them about their donor lists or the contents of their prayers?

Remember, we've had a look at the relative numbers. Over a hundred tea party groups; less than a dozen progressive groups. The progressive groups were not sent to Washington for further review delays and harassment; the tea party groups were.

One of the liberal groups being cited here is ACORN, or more properly, groups that ACORN was trying to re-form in order to escape a ban on federal grants due to an expose' about their willingness to assist with voter fraud, welfare fraud, and other illegal activities. ACORN was actually barred from receiving federal funding by Congress due to this. Screening for ACORN groups is an obvious step, not political suppression. The other group specifically mentioned, "Emerge", was also a known bad actor whose tax-exempt status was in the process of being revoked.

There is a legal standard here, even if it's relatively vague. The IRS needs to enforce that rule impartially and consistently. If the legal standard is vague and the IRS can pick and choose who they enforce the rules on, that becomes a vehicle for partisan abuse. It doesn't have to be all one side and none on the other, and the IRS keeping an eye out for known bad actors does not equate to harassment of newly formed tea party groups.

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