Testimoney on potential vaccine issues

Conservative TreehouseDuring a segment of the presentation, Attorney Thomas Renz gave testimony on behalf of whistleblowers inside the medical system who have access to vaccination data that is withheld from the general public.

Mr. Renz outlined data of adverse reaction to the vaccinations including a rate of miscarriages that increased 300% over the five-year average, a rate of increased cancer over 300%, and an increase in neurological issues over 1,000 percent (from 82,000 yearly average to now 863,000 in one year with the vaccines).

If true, and it was given to Congress under penalty of perjury, this is a huge problem for everyone involved. A criminal problem, probably, for the people who pushed the vaccine, or hid data about the risks.

I'm convinced the vaccine has a risk profile significantly greater than the general public has been told. But this much greater?

On this one only time will tell. But it sounds like the data to prove the case already exists.

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