They already wore out Climate Change?

They already wore out Climate Change, a very conveniently temperature-trend-neutral term?

The doomed planet movement has been losing momentum. Inconvenient scientific findings have confirmed the lack of any significant warming of dear old Earth over the past 16 years. It’s hard to scare people into action when nothing bad is happening. That’s why the White House has changed its vocabulary again — first “global warming” was changed to “climate change” — and now the correct name of the scam is “carbon pollution.” It’s a way to paint carbon dioxide as if it were black soot billowing out of industrial smokestacks. Carbon dioxide is actually what humans exhale, and it’s food for plants.

And they want to replace it with carbon pollution?

Science fiction authors used to call humans "carbon-based life forms" for a reason. That reason has nothing to do with what we use for fuel. Humans are made of carbon. It is literally the foundation of all life on earth.

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