AZ election audit update

Gateway PunditArizona Senate President Karen Fann Gives Exclusive Update On Maricopa County Router Audit – AZ Attorney General Has Pulled Numerous People For Questioning

Worth watching, even though there's not really much news. Basically, the router investigation is still struggling to find the three acceptable auditors, but may now have all three names and thus hopefully start actual work soon. And, the AZ AG is actually interviewing people in his investigation.

The lack of updates from the AG on an active investigation is annoying, but probably normal; good investigations don't leak. Of course, that sometimes makes it hard to tell the difference between a good investigation and no investigation, which is why people are nervous. However, at least some individuals are being interviewed.

One thing that puzzles me is that the AG has apparently interviewed state legislators. How exactly is that related to conducting a voter fraud investigation? But also "other officials", which could be anyone.

The AG has also separately taken action to block the AZ SecState from using an election rule book that was wide open to fraud, an action that seems unusual and significant to me.

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