Mass protest from truckers over vaxxine mandate at Canadian border

Conservative TreehouseA massive convoy of truckers is headed toward Ottawa, Canada, to protest the vaccination regulations of the Trudeau administration against Truckers and all Canadian citizens. The scale of the Freedom Convoy has now garnered the attention of the ruling class, and it looks like a predictable conflict is looming.

Supporters of the trucker protest have raised over $1.8 million using a GoFundMe Effort to cover the expenses, fuel and lost income of the drivers. However, do not be surprised if the Canadian government does not use law enforcement to try and stop their arrival. The regime will not want to face pressure of the scale that is being assembled through a grass-roots movement.

Recent video shows how many truckers have joined the convoy that now stretches for miles.

If you're wondering why the supply chain issues seem to be getting worse...

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