Do COVID-19 vaccines disrupt menstrual cycles?

Emerald RobinsonBack in the summer of 2021, noted author Dr. Naomi Wolf was permanently banned from Twitter for the “misinformation” of wondering whether the new vaccines could affect women’s menstrual cycles. This was a lie, according to NPR (and a thousand other corporate media outlets) that merited the disappearance of any vaccine skeptic crazy enough to repeat the allegation. It was like claiming that the earth was flat in the 21st century: a denial of science so terrible that it called into question the sanity of the speaker. Various liberal publications even began to question whether Dr. Naomi Wolf had ever been liberal, or insightful, now that she was a confirmed anti-vaxxer.

Of course, it turns out that Dr. Naomi Wolf was correct. Hundreds of women have come forward in the last year claiming that their periods were disrupted. A study of these women has confirmed the disruption.

Millions of injections with no long term testing at all.

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