Supreme Court issues mixed ruling on vaccine mandates

Just The NewsIn a Thursday afternoon ruling, the Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration's OSHA vaccine mandate that would apply to American workers.

The court allowed a separate policy, that requires vaccinations for most health-care workers at facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare funding, to stand.

This is, obviously, a mixed bag. We should have had 6-3 decisions firmly establishing that vaccinations are a matter of personal choice, not government rule. Instead, we got a narrow ruling in our favor that basically says Congress hasn't acted so there is no authority for a general mandate (leaving open the possibility that Congress could in fact mandate through legislation), and an almost contradictory rule that says federal dollars can carry a vaccine mandate. The latter bodes ill for people who work for federal contractors, though I don't think this decision is actually precedential.

Not much discussed is that the decision is only over the status of injunctions; presumably there will be further arguments and full decisions on the merits later. Neither side should be wailing and gnashing their teeth quite yet, but it sure does suck to have your job on the line and the SC not stay the mandate to protect you.

The three leftists notably embarrassed themselves in oral argument by making up numbers and displaying their ignorance of the law. This didn't seem to bother the Roberts-Kavanaugh alliance in siding with them for the medical worker mandate.

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