Dem Prosecutor charged with COVID fund swindle

Conservative TreehouseBaltimore’s very special state attorney, Marilyn Mosby, became famous in 2015 during the Freddie Gray case and the trial of six Baltimore police officers. Mosby led the “black lives matter” effort to create a fraudulent case which resulted in two failed efforts at prosecution and the dismissal of all other charges. Meanwhile, Baltimore burned…

Earlier today a grand jury delivered a four-count indictment related to Mosby’s efforts to swindle COVID pandemic relief money for her own personal gain. Two counts of perjury (pandemic relief money), and two counts of falsifying mortgage applications without revealing she had outstanding IRS liabilities. She tried to purchase homes in Florida.

It's rare to see someone on the Dem side of the aisle actually face consequences for fraud. And look, here's an aide to Austin's left-wing mayor pleading guilty to federal charges.

When the Dems ask for money to give to the poor, the homeless, the out-of-work-due-to-COVID.. there's always some sort of graft angle for them. Always.

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