The list of terrorist organizations we are at war with is... classified?

This is not compatible with a government of, by, and for the people. Secret wars are contrary to the Constitution -- Congress has the power to declare war.
"Because elements that might be considered 'associated forces' can build credibility by being listed as such by the United States, we have classified the list," said the spokesman, Lt. Col. Jim Gregory. "We cannot afford to inflate these organizations that rely on violent extremist ideology to strengthen their ranks."
Especially when you consider that aiding an organization at war with the United States is treason and punishable by death -- in court, after a trial, if you are lucky, by drone at midnight if you're not. Even, say, donating to an Islamic charity that has close relationships with terrorists can put you in legal jeopardy. If there's no list to check, how you can possibly avoid violating the law inadvertently?

Hat tip to Random Nuclear Strikes.

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