Stealth socialism

SpectatorBut that’s nothing. Tony Blair himself recently revealed on BBC Radio 4 that he had been a Trotskyist at Oxford. What would once have been a six-cylinder front-page revelation passed almost unremarked. Like the dim MI6 operatives in Tinker Tailor, we’ve been elaborately fooled into believing the opposite of the truth, that Marxism has disappeared and offers no threat to our happiness and liberty, even as we moan about the strange and humourless restrictions on free speech and thought that grow in our midst like knotweed. How did that happen? Think of me as George Smiley, trying to tell you what’s really going on.

It seems increasingly clear that the leadership of the so-called conservative political parties in both the US and the UK have been running con games on their voters. Trump is the exception, and his election has revealed many of the internal traitors. Some of those formerly-prominent Republicans are now publicly calling for the Democrats to win.

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