German police say they have arrested a 57-year-old trucker whom they accuse of carrying out 762 shootings on European highways over the past five years.
They must be imagining things.  That can't have happened.  They have gun control there.
"We found the famous needle in a hay stack," said Joerg Ziercke, chief commissioner of the German Federal Criminal Police. "A dangerous criminal who on several thousands of kilometers of highway in Germany, France, Belgium and Austria would reach for a gun whenever, wherever to shoot at other vehicles and endanger people's lives. It's unprecedented in Germany criminal history."
Not unprecedented anymore.
He told reporters at a news conference Tuesday in Wiesbaden, Germany, that guns and ammunition matching the caliber of those used in many of the shootings were confiscated at the suspect's home in North Rhine Westphalia. The trucker had no gun permit, Ziercke added.
Impossible!  No gun permit?  How did he commit all those shootings then?
Police say the highway attacks became more dangerous a year ago when the culprit began firing larger caliber ammunition.
MORE THAN ONE gun without a gun permit?  Gosh!  How could that happen?

[Hat tip to Irons in the Fire]

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