Vaccine status tracked with implantable microchip

Daily MailSwedish startup Epicenter unveils rice-sized microchip implant that stores your COVID vaccine passport under your skin and is read with technology used to take contactless payments

A number of folks who aren't paying quite as close attention to develops as I am are fond of making jokes about Bill Gates injecting microchips with the COVID vaccines in some sort of obviously-crazy conspiracy theory idea that is supposedly self-debunking. It's a form of mockery that lacks any degree of actual respect for and consideration of actual opinions, and apparently for many people it successfully substitutes for rational argument.

But now we actually do have implantable microchips designed to track vaccine status in order to enable vaccine passports that enable you to enter restaurants, public venues, and god knows what other places will slowly require that you scan your vaccine chip before entering.

Not so funny now, is it?

And it's just a microchip. They can put anything they want in it. Vaccine status. Whether or nor you are up to date on your boosters. Your social credit score. Your government identifier, to update your social credit score based on where you go. Who else is in the bar, restaurant, gym, concert... you get the idea.

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