NSA policies allow information acquisition AND use without warrants

  1. Keep data that could potentially contain details of US persons for up to five years;
  2. Retain and make use of "inadvertently acquired" domestic communications if they contain usable intelligence, information on criminal activity, threat of harm to people or property, are encrypted, or are believed to contain any information relevant to cybersecurity;
  3. Preserve "foreign intelligence information" contained within attorney-client communications;
  4. Access the content of communications gathered from "U.S. based machine[s]" or phone numbers in order to establish if targets are located in the US, for the purposes of ceasing further surveillance.
Take a close look at the first two points.  If the NSA hoovers your data -- and they will, if you use a cell phone or the internet , because they collect everything -- then they can keep it for five years.  If they have some reason to look at your data during that time -- for which they do not need a warrant if they don't already know you are a US person, which they carefully avoid knowing -- then anything they find in their 5 years of data that indicates criminal activity, threat of harm, encrypted data for any reason, or anything remotely related to cybersecurity, can be retained and used against you.

Without a warrant.

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