The IRS lies through its teeth

Holly Paz testifies:
"What were these employees' explanations for using the term 'tea party'?"

"Just sort of a shorthand reference," she said. "You know, I think they may have reference, you know, it's like calling soda 'Coke' or, you know, tissue 'Kleenex.' They knew what they meant, and the issue was campaign intervention."
Because of all these liberal tea party groups.  Right. 

Note that this doesn't even agree with earlier testimony.  If you're persecuting tea party groups based on those groups having "tea party" in their name, it doesn't matter if you think "tea party" is internal shorthand for a politically neutral term.  To borrow her analogy, it doesn't matter if you are referring to generic soda as "Coke" internally if you send an intern out to buy "Coke" and the intern comes back with "Coke".

This also doesn't explain why liberal groups sailed through with no scrutiny while conservative groups were delayed and denied.
"Do you have any sense of how it is that they could have not noticed that there was a problem with using 'tea party' to refer to political advocacy cases?" asked another Democratic counsel for the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

"My impressions, based on, you know, this instance and other instances is that because they are so apolitical, they are not as sensitive as we would like them to be as to how things might appear," Paz responded.
IRS employees are so apolitical that 75% of their campaign donations go to Democrats (over the past three elections), and every single traceable donation in 2012 from the Cincinatti office at issue here went to Obama or liberal Democrat Sherrod Brown.

If the Democrats want to play monopoly with the instrumentalities of the federal leviathan, than Paz and her colleagues who participated in this abuse of power deserve to go directly to jail.  Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200.

Instead, she's gone on "administrative leave", which we outside of Washington, DC would call a paid vacation.

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