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I didn't much enjoy Season 1 of Luke Cage on Netflix, even though I enjoyed Daredevil and Jessica Jones quite a bit. I enjoyed Daredevil from my days reading comics, and Jessica Hones had an interesting story. I was willing to give Luke Cage a shot mostly because, well, he's associated with Iron Fist, and martial arts was cool when I grew up.

The first season of Luke Cage had about 6 good hours and 7 pretty bad hours, but none of it was really offensive. I was willing to consider season 2 some time when I got bored, except that I had already canceled Netflix when they signed Obama to a $50 million deal the Obama's know nothing about.

Season 2 is now off my list. Why? Well, their season 1 villains were basically gun runners. Criminals and corrupt politicians running guns and drugs to other criminals and addicts. Not really very interesting, but not really very objectionable.

Season 2's villain is named Bushmaster. Yes, that's a brand name for a firearms manufacturer who makes popular AR-15 style rifles. If you want to name your villains after snakes (eg, "Cottonmouth") that's fine. If you want to name them after firearms manufacturers, you're risking a bit of pushback.

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